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Data Cleanup

Curation of historical stocks and options data. Most data has some level of dirtyness in it. We clean it up.

Random Simulation

Measure trading strategies robustness and reproducibility under theoretical random stress tests.

Strategy Backtesting

Check how trading strategies perform over real historical market data.

Research And Development

Investigation into theoretical fundamentals and experimentation of trading strategies under historical and live market conditions.

Managed Accounts

Possibility to run trading strategies either independently on your own or under an advisor's managed account.

About Us

AQuaRiAnS stands for "Another Quantitative Risk Analysis Software". It supports backtesting of option strategies using historical market data. Market data needs to be purchased separately.

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Technical Analysis is Bullshit

Other than being bullshit, there is no real definition for technical analysis.

Technical analysts are usually hired at brokerage firms, because they generate a lot of trades and that generates commission for brokerage firms. [...]

No Free Lunch on Wall Street

Back in the day, bars used to serve free lunches. However, there was a catch, the food was loaded with salt. Customers who ate the salty lunch needed to buy beers to quench their thirst ending up spending a lot more for the beers than the lunch cost the owner. [...]

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